Grantee Resources

Thank you for serving as a WBCI Community Grantee. The services you provide to your community is why The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative is here!

On this page, you will find support resources to help you provide the best quality care to those in your care, while also helping to increase breast cancer awareness across Wyoming.

Early Detection Voucher Applications

The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative is proud to partner with the Wyoming Cancer Program in helping more residents across the state have access to lifesaving breast cancer screening and diagnostic tests.

Breast Cancer Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Mammograms and Ultrasounds are available to Wyoming residents through this partnership. We do not limit services based upon gender, age, insurance status or income.

The only requirement is that you are financially unable to pay for the screening or diagnostic service, it is that simple.

Complete one of the online applications below to request a breast cancer early detection voucher.

Social Media Resources

We are proud to provide our Community Grantees these social media resources to help increase breast cancer awareness across Wyoming. All WBCI Community Grantees have agreed to use their social media platforms as a way to help increase breast cancer awareness and the recognition of WBCI in their communities.

Use this text with your social media posts in English:

  • You Deserve to Know! Do you or someone you know need help paying for a mammogram, diagnostic mammogram, or ultrasound? WBCI can help! Applications are available at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/prevention/cancer/online-application/.


  • You Deserve to Know! Did you know an early diagnosis literally saves lives? With early detection, over 90% of women are free of cancer 5 years after diagnosis. Late diagnosis often results in death. WBCI can help if you cannot afford your mammogram, diagnostic mammogram, or ultrasound. Apply at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/prevention/cancer/online-application/.

Use this text with your social media posts in Spanish:


  • Sabias que la detección temprana salva vidas? Gracias a la detección temprana más de un 90% de mujeres están libres de cancer 5 años después que ser diagnósticas, mientras tanto un diagnóstico tardío más a menudo resulta en la muerte. WBCI puede ayudarte si no puedes pagar por un mamograma o ultrasonido. Puedes aplicar en https://health.who.gov/publichealth/prevention/cancer/online-application/.  No es necesario ser ciudadano americano para aplicar. 

Donate Now

The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative is supported by the community and people just like you. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative by donating to our cause, please click below.




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