You Are Changing What Breast Cancer Looks Like in Wyoming

The WBCI has a mission to provide funds that support breast cancer services across remote Wyoming; with an ultimate intent to increase survival rate and decrease late-stage diagnosis. Grant applications open in July, notifications are provided before the end of the calendar year and funds are released in January of the following year. 

Grant funds will be awarded to eligible programs that meet one or more of the four WBCI goals – increase breast cancer education/awareness, fund early detection screening, organize patient navigation services (nurse and financial navigators, transportation support, childcare help, wigs, etc.), or support breast cancer survivors/families.  We currently provide grants in two different programs.  Make sure to check out our video below of the impact across Wyoming. 

How You Can Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

WBCI is always seeking new and innovative avenues to increase our revenue so we can continue to fund vitally important programs across the state. Please consider becoming a part of our team. Donations Made in Wyoming, Stay in Wyoming!

  • Join the Prestigious Club of 365 Donors
  • Host an Event in Honor of a Warrior, Survivor, or Someone Lost to Breast Cancer
  • Sign Your Business Up for Get & Give, WBCI Unique Way to Highlight Community Businesses Who Want to Give Back
  • Run a Facebook Fundraising Event – You’ll Be Amazed How Many of Your Friends & Family Will Donate. Even $10 Goes A Long Way
  • Personally Donate to Help Fund Breast Cancer Projects in Wyoming

Why We Need Your Help

Your Contribution Will Help Fund
*  Breast cancer screenings, exams, and diagnostic testing.
*  Breast cancer education and awareness events.
*  Breast cancer patient supports, like gas cards and lodging when traveling for treatment.
*  Breast cancer survivor programs and services.

COVID Affected Breast Cancer Screenings in 2020
*  Thousands of women missed their regular screening due to COVID restrictions.
*  It is expected, many Wyoming women will be left uninsured due to COVID shutdowns.
*  Organizations providing breast cancer services are expected to have increased needs.

How 2020 Changed WBCI Funding:
WBCI had one of the most difficult grant review periods since we started. For 2020 funding, we received 23 Community Grant applications, totaling nearly $200,000 in funding requests. Not only is this a record-breaking request for funds, it comes during a difficult financial year. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fully fund all of the grant requests that came in, but we were still able to fund over $149,000 – the highest Community Grant year to date!


WBCI Community Grants are competitive grants that are awarded to Wyoming organizations providing vital breast health services. Grant funding categories include education and awareness, screening & diagnostic services, patient navigation, and survivor support services.

Congratulations to the 2021 Community Grantees. We couldn’t be more proud to help fund these programs. The incredible services they provide are as unique as the communities they serve!

The 2021 WBCI Community Grantees

List of Community Grantees from 2017 – 2021






WBCI in partnership with the Wyoming Cancer Program (WCP) is proud to introduce a combined application that screens individuals to see if they are eligible for state-funded screening services such as colonoscopies, mammograms, and Pap tests.

WBCI funds are used when applicants seeking breast health services and are ineligible for state-funded services. WBCI voucher funds are available for those in financial need, without any restrictions based on income, gender, insurance status or age. 

WBCI & WCP Combined Application
English On-Line Applications are available HERE
Spanish On-Line Applications are available HERE

Wyoming Cancer Resource Services
Click Here to Learn More

The Wyoming Cancer Resource Services (WCRS) are regional, community-based coordinators providing support services to Wyoming residents. They educate about cancer prevention programs, services, and cancer risk factors, and they promote early detection of cancer by educating about screening recommendations. They refer clients to cancer screening programs and provide patient navigation for Wyoming residents needing local, regional, state, or national cancer information and resources including transportation and financial assistance. Finally, WCRS coordinators develop partnerships with health systems to implement evidence-based interventions to increase cancer screening rates.

Our Impact Across Wyoming

Donate Now

The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative is supported by the community and people just like you. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative by donating to our cause, please click below.


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